Digital solutions for recreational fishing.

Angling iQ offers digital solutions for fishermen and businesses. Our goal is to be able to satisfy the demands of all fisheries with exceptional software and service.


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Digital solutions for your fishery.

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Digital logbooks.

With our proprietary logbook app for iPad™ you can keep a detailed logbook of you fisheries' logged catches, view a map and view real-time aggregated statistics.
Catch log

Catch log

View a detailed list of all logged catches.

Simple form

Simple form

It's very super to log a catch. Even if you need to log multiple catches at once.



View a map of all the spots in your fishery and see detailed statistics for each spot.



View detailed statistics for your fishery in real-time.

Nowhere to place a tablet? Don't worry.

We offer a range of different ways to log catches into our logbooks. Allow your fishermen to log their catches through the Angling iQ app, send them private short-lived links or enable logging through public links.

Angling iQ app

Enable users of Angling iQ to log their catches through the app.

Log links

Easily send out short-lived links that enable people to log their catches in a super simple way without any need to sign up.

Public links

Enable public link that allow anyone that has access to it to log into your logbooks.

Control everything from the web dashboard.

With every business account you get access to our fully featured web dashboard were you can manage your logbooks, view statistics and much more.
Angling iQ - Business web


Easily manage and track the logged catches in your logbooks.


View statistics and reports of the logged catches in real time.

Map & spots

Craft a map of your fishery with with description and images of the spots and for your fishermen to use.

Access control

With the web dashboard you have full control over users and guides that can log into your logbooks.

Ready to get started?

Contact us today to get started with digital logbooks for your fishery.Contact us

Your own personal logbook.

Download the Angling iQ app for free and start logging your catches today! With the app you can log you catches, track public logbooks, view maps of your favourite watereways and so much more! You can download the app for free from the App Store and Google Play.



View public logbooks in real time and log your catches through your own Angling iQ account.



View detailed maps of your favourite waterways on Angling iQ.

Þín veiðidabók

Personal logbook

Log your catches in a super simple way and keep track of your own logbook.

Ítarleg skráning

Detailed catch log

Log your catches with detailed information with weather data fetched automatically.

Flóð & fjara

Tides & Weather

Track the tides on your favourite fishing spots.

Download the Angling iQ app for free!

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